Ашық сабақ: The Independence day in Kazakhstan

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  Ағылшын тілі пән мұғалімі: Камалова Саран                

Plan of the lesson Date:     21.12.2012  Class:   9B Theme: The  Independence day in Kazakhstan.

 The aims:  The developing aim:   to develop pupils’ speaking, writing, listening, reading skills   and  habbits. 
Upbringing aim:   to bring pupils up to love our country, feeling of patriotism and internationalism.

The educational aim:   to teach pupils to work creating and introduce new words, to check up their knowledge on this theme Materials:   1.H. Puchta, J. Stranks “English in mind”

2.Т.Аяпова «Ағылшын тілі 9 класс»

3 Р.Мерфи «Ағылшын тілі граматикасы»

  1. 4www.en.wikipedia.org/ Kazakhstan

Equipments: cards, pictures, interactive board, map of Kazakhstan

Type of the lesson:  Mixed


                                  Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment.

        Good morning.

        How are you?

        What is the weather like today?

        Who is on duty today?

  1. Checkig up the home task.

— What was your home task?

— Orally  to prepare speech about Kazakhstan by this sceme:


The flag Political sistem

The state Emblem
The Independence

  1. Pronunciation
  2. I want to go home.

I won’t go home.

  1. I want to late again.

I won’t be late again.

  1. I live in the city.

I’ll live in the city.

  1. I learn German at school.

I’ll learn German at school.

  1. I won’t tell Sean.

I want to ell Sean.

  1. They won’t come with us.

They want to come with us.


IV. Vocabulary Ancient —   ежелгі

to border — шекаралау

to stretch-   жалғасу

to settle —   қоныстану

national values 
   ұлттық  құндылық

Independence   тәуелсіздік

  1. capital   —

landmass —   аймақ

desert —   шөл

dry —   құрғақ

multinational — көпұлтты


  1.  Read and translate the text “Kazakhstan”

       Kazakhstan is a land of ancient civilization in the Central Eurasian. It is located almost in the  centre of the Eurasian landmass.

       It’s territory stretches from the lower reaches of the river Volga in the west to the Altai Mountains in the east. In the west and north, Kazakhstan borders on the Russian Federation, in the south on Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenia, in
the east on China.   The total area covered by the republic is over  2.7 million square kilometres.

     Kazakhstan is a multinational stаte with population is about 17 million people. Its population is made up of a hundred nationalities, but it is also the state of the  Kazakh nation. The ethno-cultural affirmation of the Kazakhs in no way restricts the national values and rights
of other people’s who live or come to settle in the republic. The constitution guarantees the all round development of all nationalities citizens, and the creation of decent living conditions for everyone.

Administratively and territorially, Kazakhstan is divided into 19 provinces and two cities. It comprises five economic regions: Western, Northern, Central, Sothern and Eastern . Kazakhstan has all kinds of climate except arctic, tropical, equatorial.

           The republic has almost 85.000 rivers, of which 8.000 are over 10
kilometers long. 
The main rivers are the Irtish, the Ili, the Syr Darya,
the Ural and others. There are about 50.000 lakes in Kazakhstan, which are scattered throughout the country. The biggest lakes are in
the southern half of the country- Balhash, Alakol and 
Sasykkol near the Jungar
Pass, and Markakol in the
Altai. The largest salt lakes are the Aral and Caspian seas.

         In 1991
on the 16th of December Kazakhstan gained its independence.    

VI. True or False questions













































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Kazakhstan is situated in the centre of Europe


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The population of Kazakhstan
  is 17 million people


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The climate of our
  country is strongly continental


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The capital of our country is Almaty.


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The president of our country is Nursultan Nazarbayev


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Russian is a state
  language of Kazakhstan


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The largest salt lakes are the Aral and Caspian seas


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As a sovereign state Kazakhstan has its own national flag, and anthem,
  traditions and holidays.


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The national flag of
  our country is red


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The country is rich
  with mineral resources


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VII. Grammar exercise

Complete the sentences. Use the present simple passive   from of the  verbs.

  1. This book isn’t written (not write) in English.
  2. Many films…………(produce) in Hollywood .
  3. The Olimpic Games…………….(not hold) every year.
  4. Chocolate……………..(make) from cocoa beans.
  5. Thousands  of   Beatles CDs………….(sell) every  year.
  6. How many cans of coke…………..(buy) every year?
  7. How often …………..the  
    World Cup…………..(hold)?

tom: 0pt;»> VIII. Word game

Find the right translation of the following words:

Capital тіл

Country  ұлттық ән ұран

Desert — көлдер

Resources — тәуелсіз

State —   ел

Rivers —   ұлттық құндылық

Lakes —   шөлді жер

Indpendent —  ресурстар

Eagle —   өзендер

anthem- астана
Value-  мемлекет

Language —  қыран

tom: 0pt;»> 

IX. Consolidation of the theme

tom: 0pt;»>Find from the text quickly and read



Home work

To write down essay on the theme “Kazakhstan”.


And now at the end of our open lesson let’s sing a song!

May There Always be Sunshine

Bright blue the sky,

Sun up on high.

That was the little boy’s picture.

He drew for you,

Wrote for you too

Just to make clear what he drew.

May there always be sunshine,

May there always be blue sky.

May there always be Mummy,

May there always be me.

 Thank you!  The lesson is over! Good bye!

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